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Regional Event: Spokatopia 2019

Today we’re going to share a post from our sister site about the upcoming event – Spokatopia.  Now in its fifth year, Spokatopia is a great chance for adventure-minded, outdoor enthusiasts of all levels and ages to test out new gear, try a new sport, and make new friends. Spokatopia Banner

Playing in the Wilds: How to Minimize Your Impact

Before we dive into ways to play in some of our nation’s expansive wildernesses, we figured it would be best to explore ways that you can minimize your impact while enjoying the outdoors.  We won’t go into the lifestyle choices that we all make which have an impact on our world, but will instead zoom…

A Closer Look at the Spokane River

As many of you know, Fun Unlimited has two locations on the Spokane River – one in Downtown Spokane and one in Post Falls.  It is, to put it simply, the lifeblood of our business, the backbone of our region, and a source of never-ending fun.  That’s why we’d like to stop and take a…