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Paddle Boarding Popularity

Over the last three years we have seen a continental shift with the popularity of paddle boarding. Most significantly, when we started in 2010, most people didn’t even know what paddle boarding was. Now, when we say paddle boarding, 95% of the general population at least knows what we are talking about. We have noticed that the sport is now known by general public but we still believe that this is just the tip of the iceberg for the sport’s popularity and here is why:

Of the 1000 or so people that rented paddle boards from Fun Unlimited this summer, probably 90% of the population has not even tried paddle boarding yet, but when they do, 99% of them are up on their feet within a minute and of those who try it, 95% of them love it and come in with a big smile on their face.

Here’s why we feel the sport is here to stay:

  1. Easy to learn: 99% of folks are up on their feet within a minute with a little demo from us.
  2. Most everyone can do it and it is easy to get started: we had an age range from 3 to 87 this summer.
  3. It is just a cool sensation to be standing up on the water: It is comfortable and because you are standing, you get a great view to look around at your surroundings and the goings on under the water as well.
  4. It is a great workout that is enjoyable and easy on the body: Really every muscle group of your body gets a workout with no jarring impact on the joints.
  5. The variety of water that can be paddled: Lakes, rivers, and the ocean; if it’s a body of water, you can paddle it. Our favorite is to explore small river systems.
  6. The utility of the watercraft:
  7. It makes getting on the water relatively affordable and easy

So if you haven’t tried it yet, please come on down to the wonderful private beach located at Templin’s Red Lion Hotel in Post Falls this summer and rent a board. We have a fleet of paddle boards for you to try out and we are happy to give you a lesson on how to paddle board that includes general overview of safety and stroke techniques. Chances are that you will be one of the 95% of folks who love it.