Frequently Asked Questions

  • Chevron down Do you have a physical location?
  • Yes, during the summer months, we have two locations all located right on the water. Each location offers a wonderfully different experience for our clients.

    Our flagship location is located in Post Falls at the private beach at Templin’s Red Lion Hotel in Post Falls. This is the place to go if you want the ultimate jet ski, boat, kayak, or paddle board experience.

    Our advice it to take advantage of our early-bird specials. They are not only a great value; they also offer the best experience, because there is normally less wind and boat traffic in the morning time frame.

    Our Spokane location is at the Downtown River access, literally underneath the Division Street Bridge. The launch is on the South side of the River on the Convention Center side. We only offer paddle boards and kayaks at this location. It has wonderfully clear, clean water, so please bring your polarized sunglasses to enjoy the history of Spokane on the bottom of the river. You will also see many fish as well as Marmots.

    Many people also like to pick blackberries from their paddle boards. It is also very popular to paddle to No-Li Brewery and the Dry Fly wiskey distillery for a fun date night. There is also a Thai restaurant that shares a building with the brewery and distillery.

  • Chevron down Do you deliver?
  • Delivery of equipment is on a case-by-case basis depending on our ability to free up manpower and equipment for your needs, especially during our peak summer season. It is $1 per mile for delivery and $1 per mile for pick-up.

    As a courtesy with each delivery, our staff will help you get set up and spend 15 to 20 minutes making sure you are comfortable and familiar with the equipment. Please contact us for a quote. You also have the option of picking up and dropping off equipment at our location.

  • Chevron down Do you accept reservations?
  • Yes. In fact, to ensure equipment availability, we strongly suggest you make your reservations at least seven days in advance.

  • Chevron down What are your requirements to rent?
  • There are several requirements to obtain a rental vehicle from us:

    • You must be at least 18 with a valid driver’s license to rent, but not to ride.
    • We require a damage deposit with a credit card at the time of pickup. The deposit is $250 for SUP rentals, and $1000 for boat rentals and jet ski rentals. The deposit is only a hold on the funds, and you will not be charged unless there is damage to the rental equipment. We do not accept cash, checks, debit cards or bank check cards for this deposit, and the deposit has to be made in person by the card holder.
    • Tow vehicle with two-inch ball and four flat-light hook ups. Ball mounts and adapters are available to rent, as are trailers for an additional fee.
  • Chevron down How can I pay for the rental?
  • You can pay with cash or with a debit/credit card.

  • Chevron down Can I take a rental out of state?
  • This would be on a case-by-case basis. Please call to discuss your needs and the circumstances of your request.

  • Chevron down How long is the deposit held?
  • After three business days, an “authorization” charge is posted to your credit card, but you will not be charged unless damage is done to the rental vehicle.

  • Chevron down What is your cancellation policy?
  • Because reservations are highly recommended, and we may handle many requests at a time, all reservations must be canceled at least three days before the scheduled pick-up time, or you will be charged full price.

  • Chevron down Do you offer damage waivers?
  • Yes, we offer damage waivers, which cover over $1,000 dollars worth of damages. Before vehicles and equipment are taken off our premises, we film any existing damage with a high-definition camera. We do not nitpick, but we do expect you to take responsibility for damage you cause.

  • Chevron down What is considered damage?
  • Anything that is broken, bent, or cracked is considered damage done by you during your rental period. We do not fuss over small scratches, but if they are obviously caused by excessive misuse, you will be charged for the repair costs of the damages. 

  • Chevron down Am I responsible for mechanical failure?
  • No, you are not responsible for mechanical failures.

If you have a question that is not answered below, contact us at (208) 620-9050 and we will be more than happy to address it.

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