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Archive: Sep 2013

Why Should I Purchase a Lake Coeur D’ Alene Boat Rental Package?

It always strikes me as a little bit funny as I drive around the Coeur D’ Alene and Spokane  and see all the boats sitting in Driveways and garages. It seems that these are more static displays than functional vehicles; they seem to rarely move. When you take into consideration the cost and time involved with owning a boat, I believe that it is much more practical and convenient to purchase a membership to a coeur d’ alene boat club or a boat rental package. In this article, the author states that the average boat engine only accumulates 30-40 hours of use per year. Assuming a boat motor will get about 5 hours of use in a day on the lake, that is only 6 or 8 days of use per year. Carefree boat club estimates that the true cost of…