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Archive: Jul 2019

Forest Fires and Smoke Pollution

It’s here.  The dreaded fifth season of the West: forest fire season.  I witnessed it myself when driving south on 395 toward Spokane and happened to pass several fire fighters doing their best to stop a grass/brush fire from becoming a monstrous forest fire.  The often unsung heroes of our region succeeded and saved land,…

The Beauty of Boredom

This summer, we’ve decided to take a closer look at the importance of fun and play in our lives.  There are plenty of opportunities to get outside and enjoy a family activity no matter where you live whether your idea of fun is visiting a theme park, strolling through a city park, or hiking through…

Picture Perfect

I love taking photographs.  At every party, reunion, vacation, or other special event, I always have my camera at the ready.  There is something almost magical about photography.  When you press that button, time stops.  Fleeting emotions suddenly become eternal and once-in-a-lifetime suddenly lasts a lifetime.  So how much to you actually know about photography? …

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