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Boat Club Membership

Idaho's best boat club!

If you love boating but not the hassle of owning and maintaining your own boat, consider joining the Fun Unlimited Boat Club. Our boat club is similar to a country club, taking all the hassle out of boating while also giving you access to our amazing waterfront location at Templin’s Resort and marina located in Post Falls. We do all the work—making it easier for you to enjoy a relaxing day out on the water!

Here’s the pricing and payment information for 2020:

Silver: 12 Full-day Boat uses $4,699 (includes all Fun Unlimited Boats)

Gold: Unlimited Use of Boats $6,399 (includes all Fun Unlimited Boats)

Platinum: $8,799 (includes boats, jet skis, paddleboards, kayaks, and all other equipment in Fun Unlimited’s fleet)

*** We can create custom packages and prices. If one of the above packages does not fit your budget or number of boating days, please call and we can discuss. ***

Payment terms can be flexible, please call to discuss what works best for your budget.

Why invest in one of our membership packages? 

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As a member of the Fun Unlimited Boat Club, you will not only enjoy how easy we make boating. You will ultimately save money, in both the short and the long term – you know this if you’ve owned a boat in the past

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We are all about your safety and comfort. If you have never boated before, or would just like a refresher. We are happy to provide one-on-one safety orientation of the lake and thorough training in proper operation of the entire fleet of boats

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Access to a variety of boats and lakes as well as being part of a great group of people in one of the most beautiful private settings in the world

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We handle the cleaning, prepping & maintenance of your fleet of boats


Trade-In Options

If you already own a classic car, airplane, boat, vacation home, RV, or other types of equipment that our club members may want to use, please contact us. We are open to talking with you about the options to trade.

Making Fun Easy

Maintaining water sports equipment can quickly become expensive when you factor in insurance rates, marina fees, and maintenance costs—not to mention the cost of the machine itself.

Looking for a Business or Corporate Membership? Increase morale at your company or woo a prospective client by joining our corporate membership program for unlimited access to our fleet. At a fraction of the cost of ownership, our entire fleet is at your service to help you make lasting memories with employees and clients. From executive retreats to team-building exercises to company parties, we will help keep you on your game. Contact us for more information!